A Day Off From Grading Papers

What a wonderful weekend! I arranged it so that all of my students were in between assignments. No tests to grade, no programs to evaluate, no assignments to read. An entire two days to be away from the computer screen, free from my office and my desk! I am impressed that I was able to coordinate all of my classes this way, especially because it turned out that the weather was supposed to be wonderful. I am sure that my students did not might having some free time this weekend also. After my last class on Friday, I stopped by the grocer’s and bought all the ingredients I would need for the next few days, and then home to start enjoying my free time. The plan was to prep all of the next day’s lunch because Saturday I had a date with the lovely Patrice, a colleague from the Humanities Department who teaches literature. I started making what I hoped would be a charming meal—fresh baked bread (I made it myself. It is not as hard as one would think, and it makes the apartment smell heavenly. Of course, it is also delicious), a variety of cheese and fruit, a bottle of wine, and some simple sandwiches.  This took a few hours and when I was done, I headed off to sleep, to dream of the coming day and of Patrice’s long black hair.

The next day, Patrice arrived precisely on time, and after a quick tour of my place, we went downstairs together and across to a small park. We sat and had lunch, chatting about how our semesters are going. Patrice has had her fill of Rimbaud quotations but is very much looking forward to talking to her students about contemporary literature. For my part, I said that I see C++ at night when I close my eyes to go to sleep. I have some incredibly adept students this year, and I am very excited to see what they will come up with for their final coding projects. I told Patrice about some assignments my students are working on, and she informed me of some recent essay topics she’d received lately. She is going to encourage one of her students to try and publish something, I was not sure exactly what, because I became distracted by the wonderful food we were eating. I was glad Patrice was not grading me on my attention skills!

We walked back to my place hand in hand, and it was a wonderful evening. We said our goodnights, and then I went to sleep. I stayed in bed for most of Sunday, simply because I was able to. I am not sure if I will have that luxury again for the rest of the semester, so it felt like an excellent use of my time. When I get back to the university on Monday, I will be teaching one class about how to create an ad-hoc printer driver, and another class about rendering. Both lectures are fun in their own right, so they are something to look forward to even as this spectacular weekend winds down.