Fresh Start

At the start of each school year, it feels like a new beginning. Summer vacation has come and gone and your mind has been drifting to thoughts of the beach, walks in the park, or visiting family and friends in other cities. It takes a mental effort to switch gears and get back to normal. This is as it should be. We all need a break to feel renewed when the time comes to resume normal activities. If you cut your time off short, you will pay the price. You will feel burn out that much faster unless you are a virtual workaholic. Some say that when it comes to computers, this may describe my personality. But even I need a respite from routine so I cease work when it is time and I resume it when appropriate.

Getting ready for the new school year means reviewing what I have done last year and what new projects beckon. There are things you don’t have time to complete and no one says they can’t carry on indefinitely. After such reflection, I also check my supplies and note down what I need in terms of printer paper, note pads, pens and pencils, and more. This year I want an electric stapler to replace the manual model that never seems to work. The staples get stuck on a regular basis and sometimes I can’t exert enough pressure when I use it on a stack of papers. I want something that will do for heavy duty jobs and I don’t mind if I have to plug it in. I have book size manuscripts that require a butterfly clip and I prefer something more stable and permanent. My colleagues and I exchange papers often and it is easier to give them something properly stapled.

I always notice when their stacks fall apart and I have to put them back together. It is annoying to say the least. Electric staplers are also good for art projects and for fixing flyers and posters to the wall. It will be used a great deal this school year I am sure. If I get a good, well-made model I am sure it will last. Then students with their clumsy fingers can make use of it. I will just make sure no one staples themselves when loading it with staples. Electric appliances have their risks. It will just be a matter of a little instruction. One accident and the stapler is only for me. I can just see some colorful posters now stapled to the classroom walls with handy words of wisdom and special lessons of life. We can also use the stapler to decorate the gym for special events that require crepe paper adornment. You can blow up pictures and use the stapler to add them to your décor. Art students also stretch their painting canvases over wood frame bars. They tell me the manual type of stapler is cumbersome. So my list for school supplies is ready and I am about to set out on a shopping spree at the hardware store.