A Sad State of Affairs

Gun issues are always controversial with many for and equally as many against. Many people have good explanations for wanting a gun and they may well be perfectly justified. In the wrong hands, a gun is a deadly weapon. We know that the responsible use of a gun and careful storage of weapons in a gun safe is mandatory and that children should never have access of any type. Owning a gun is a responsibility and only those with the proper attitude should be allowed to carry one. I know someone who left his gun safe open just for a few minutes and his son took the opportunity to have a look at his father’s new rifle. This can cause a devastating accident although luckily it didn’t. You can never be too careful. It is a number one priority for gun owners. There must be rules in the family with no exceptions.

While we know that the unlawful ownership of guns causes most gunshot deaths, people these days are concerned about terrorism and their own safety. It isn’t an abstract issue in France or Germany—a long way from home– but terrorism resides at home in your midst as we have seen in recent horrific news stories. It is very frightening and intimidating to think your neighbor may be threatening society. Some people feel they need protection and they have this right although guns often get in the wrong hands. There are many arguments on both sides of the issue that have to be considered. I have elected to consider buying a gun and a locked gun safe to house it. I am going to contemplate this for a long time and weigh the inevitable pros and cons. It doesn’t take much to have an accident. However, if you feel that you are in jeopardy of being robbed, it may make you feel more secure. Talk to family, friends, and neighbors and weigh their opinions if you have any doubts. It is in a sense a public issue with far-reaching import. Get a consensus before you go forward and you will feel more satisfied about your decision.

The stories about children shooting themselves or their friends are the biggest deterrent there is and it happens all too often with great tragedy. Kids must be educated in weapons and how to leave them locked in their safes. There is never a time to show off a gun to a friend, no matter how old the child. A discussion of guns is appropriate if there is one in the family. Decide if you think the kids should know where it is. Never leave it loaded. It is for an emergency situation and loading will precede potential usage. A small gun safe is usually enough for a few weapons. If you are a collector, then guns have already been part of the family environment. Make sure that a collection is housed properly in a gun safe large enough to accommodate all of them.