Getting Cold Feet

The expression getting cold feet implies fear of going through with something you have committed to such as an engagement or a wedding. It is a negative saying by association. No one likes to have cold feet and when you do, you seek refuge. Hence it is a phrase that is descriptive and apt. While I have never had the metaphoric kind of cold feet, I certainly have experienced them literally. It often happens in my bathroom, the one with the icy cold tile floor and no central heating. Taking a shower or even a bath on a cold winter morning is not a pleasant experience. I just strew towels down on the floor, but it makes for a lot of laundry after a few days. The towels keep piling up. The old bathroom used to have an old-fashioned radiator: the room is that old, but it no longer functions. I am always surprised when they do. They have been around for hundreds of years. I can’t put in central heating as the house doesn’t have the ductwork so I am going to have to come up with another solution.

A small portable space heater like one of these will do the job. Just keep it away from water. Find a nice spot for it under the sink or behind the toilet and aim it toward the center of the room. If you turn it on a half hour before your shower, you will avoid those cold feet I have been talking about. The heaters, while not made specifically for bathrooms, have safety shut off features so you don’t accidentally keep it running and inadvertently cause a fire. You must always read the instructions for electrical equipment and heed the hazard warnings. Some heaters will fit on a counter top in the bathroom if it is large enough but I prefer to put it on the floor as long as no one trips over the cord. On the counter, it could get knocked over and there are consequences. In spite of the metal covers, you could get burned.

I have been so happy with the floor heater that I have stopped putting on my socks in the bathroom. There isn’t a convenient place to sit down. I am also so happy with the amount of heat it generates for its small size that I might get one for the bedroom to be used during the winter months. In the kitchen, I can just turn on the stove and the room becomes toasty, but the bedroom is almost as bad as the bathroom although it has a carpet on the floor. Just placing a space heater a foot or two from the bed will be an encouragement to get up on a frosty morning. You can get large size space heaters for the living room but they take up a lot of room and are unsightly. If you get a medium size, it is quite portable and you can move it around as you like.