Furry Companion for the Weekend

It is not uncommon for me to do a favor for a friend. In fact, I relish doing something nice for someone else once in a mind. Most of mine have agreed to help me out when needed. It might be a ride to the airport, running an errand when I am sick, or taking my car in for repairs. I am glad to reciprocate and you never know what it might entail. It might just have to do with borrowing something like a pressure washer or cordless drill. It usually is something ordinary and simple. Sometimes it can take an odd turn such as pet sitting for a weekend. It is not my greatest joy to have a furry companion for a short period of time as I am concerned about “accidents” but I agree with a smile on my face and an attitude of acceptance.

The mutt in question is a medium sized dog and over all I would say well behaved. My friend is going on a short vacation and is loath to stow the dog at a kennel. He gets very upset around strange animals and it would be cruel indeed to find him other lodging than my apartment. He cares about the emotional well-being of his precious pet. I just hope, however, he doesn’t like to chew on shoes or scratch the furniture. I am told he does not. My friend said I hardly would ask this favor if I thought it would be a problem. I think you will find the dog a pleasure and easy to handle. Don ‘t worry about behavior, he adds. He is super well trained. He already knows you and it will be an easy juxtaposition. I am thanking you in advance for being a loyal friend.

I get the house ready for the pet’s visit by putting away shoes or items that might look tempting. I am told that the pet likes to sleep on his master’s bed, so I take precautions in this regard. I read reviews online and found the best mattress protector, which I have wanted to get for a while anyway as they keep out dust and bugs. If there should be a midnight “accident” I will only have to wash my sheets and the mattress will not even have to air out. A good cover is water tight. Parents use them for their young children before they are potty trained. I don’t mention this to my friend lest he get offended at my assumption about his dog. I wouldn’t want to suggest that he will be a bother or ill trained. If he feels more comfortable on the bed, more like he is at home, then so be it. It will be allowed. He is a friendly and cuddly animal and will be good for some bodily warmth.

The weekend passed with incident and the mattress cover didn’t have to be tested. I am sure it would have done its job. I will miss the little fellow and mentioned that he was welcome back any time.