Packing for a Trip

I finally get to tear myself away from my computer and go on a trip. It is long overdue. I have been working hard on a particular project and for several long months, it has been part of my every waking minute. Taking time off is necessary upon occasion even if it is for a very short time. It clears the mind of debris and gets it ready to begin a new round of creativity. Isn’t that what work is all about? You want to be fresh and innovative with your ideas so you need to clear out the cobwebs now and then.

So I was heading out on a short road trip and made a list of what to pack. I have duffel bags, backpacks, a cooler, and assorted odds and ends like a Swiss army knife from which to choose. It is all a matter of how much space I have in the car. I am not too worried about the knife of course. It is about as compact as you can get. What I am not sure about is a portable air compressor. It is part of an emergency roadside kit in case of flat tires. I had one once when I had failed to provide such a kit and found myself waiting for hours for help to arrive. This time I will not be caught by surprise. You think it won’t happen to you, but don’t kid yourself. Fortunately, I had a replacement tire or I would have had to have been towed. When you are in rural areas, they don’t just come by. The first thing I am going to make room for in my car is this emergency kit and the essential air compressor. I have had it for years for my bicycle but now it has taken up permanent residence in the car. I have little need now for my bike. I was also most going to give it away or donate it to a garage sale for a charity, but I am glad that I thought better at the time. I tested it and it works perfectly so it is the charity’s loss. I will keep it in my possession. I know how to change a tire when on the road, but if the compressor works and you can inflate the tire to get to the nearest gas station, you are better off.

If someone is trying to think of a gift for you, the person who has everything, drop a hit about an air compressor. You will find it as handy and useful as I have. If you have teenage kids, they might like one for their cars if they are ever alone on the open road. Anyone can get a flat tire and feel helpless. Take precautions with everyone in the family and provide a well-supplied emergency kit. Explain how to use it. Remind them that in certain areas, cell phones don’t work.