A Guy’s Tips for Cleaning in a Hurry

Given that I sit in front of a computer for hours on end, I don’t often reflect on cleaning the house. It isn’t my top priority but once in a while I notice that things need attention. Can I tear myself away from my work to handle mundane tasks? I would rather be doing something in the cyber world which is where my talents lie. But computer aficionados still have a regular life. They have to go shopping, do the wash, run errands, wash the car and get gas, and tidy up the kitchen. You should set one day a week for such things or they may never get done. That is my tip for handling cleaning.

I have another one. If you are in a hurry and don’t want to bother to get out and assemble a big vacuum, use a handheld version. They are easy to store. You grab it, plug it in, add an attachment, and go. They are powerful enough to handle most jobs. If you have dusty wood floors, a wet mop might be better, but you can handle most piles of debris with the best handheld vacuums with the basic attachment. The brush can be used for furniture, window sills, curtains, and the like. These small marvels have everything the big ones do only in a diminutive size. If I have people coming over and I spot some dirt, I can get ready in minutes. If I have a date, I particularly want the place to look nice. If it so happens that cleaning is needed on a non-cleaning designated day, so be it. I have to try. I wouldn’t invite people over, especially a date, if I couldn’t make the house acceptable for guests. Okay, I confess. There are times when I actually get up and leave the computer.

Working on a computer is a true way of life but I find time for socializing. Otherwise I would be pretty one-dimensional. Most people know me and how I spend my time and when invited over they grab the chance to see me unoccupied by my computer life. My computer work area often gets the dustiest and needs a good overhaul once in a while, not to mention the keyboard and screen. The handheld vac works great in small spaces due to its size. Once in a great while I have to clean the vac itself and empty the bag. It never is that full given the small amount of cleaning that I do. I have a large vacuum for the carpet but I can’t say it gets much use. A couple times a year I shake out the rug and do a light vacuuming. If it looks clean, then it must be. I say get a mini vac and see what it can do to save you time. It is there in a pinch if you need it and have been a little overly neglectful.