What Good is a Watch that’s Only Right Twice a Day?

I want reliability and looks in a watch, and I thought I had this covered with what I have been wearing. However, one day when rushing to a lecture, I found that my watch was broken and it had thus made me late. I was rather mortified. I don’t like to exhibit bad habits to students and was perhaps overly apologetic to the class upon my tardy arrival. It’s not that this particular watch kept good time as a rule. I soon realized after purchasing it that it might be off now and then by one or two minutes. This time it was more than ten. I am determined to buy a better watch and set a good example. It is going to be a Casio watch. This is a well-known brand with a good reputation and you can choose from innumerable styles. You can get discounts on line or look for store sales in your area. This is what I did.

While you can go sporty, elegant with gold-tone, or classically simple in silver metal, the latter was the right one for me. It is by name the calendar date chronograph watch with round black dial and silvertone link band. You could say that this beauty is fully equipped to keep you on track and on time virtually all day long—something I could not say about my old one. Oddly enough, I paid more for the last watch and it really let me down. This one is a budget watch but is nevertheless reliable and gets rave reviews for looks and functionality. It has a round triple display black dial with calendar date display, three-hand movement and contrast markets. I like the black resin band, the 12/24 format and the fact that it is waterr4esistant to 100 meters. It’s not that I am going to wear it swimming or diving, but I want it to survive doing the dishes or washing the car. I almost got a different watch with an exchangeable leather band, but I find the bracelet style more modern.

Now I feel I can count on my timepiece to get me to class. In point of fact, I am often early. This has had its benefits as I like to converse with students who are equally early and it helps to build rapport. I related my story of the watch and everyone wanted to see it. I got new-found admiration and many accolades for my good taste. I decided to conduct a lesson about the history of watches and how they work. I brought my old watch and opened it in the back so everyone could see the mechanism. I took out the tiny pieces which fascinated even the most bored child in the bunch. I dared anyone to put it back together and, of course, it couldn’t be done. I talked about watch repairing tools and also brought in for display an example of a kit I had been given some time ago. I spread them out on the table. I had a rapt audience.