The Upside of a Week’s Worth of Dinner

I’m usually quite busy. Not to the point where I can’t catch a breath, but I enjoy having things to do outside classes as well – I workout, I hang out with friends, I go on dates, I travel, I hike, I enjoy being active. It really helps because when you sit at the computer all day and then teach about computers the rest of the day, you’re really itching to just get up and get moving. I often say to my students that if they end up working with computers, they need to find themselves a hobby that’s as far away from technology as possible.

Not that I’ve always been like this. Ten years ago I was much more passive. I used to play basketball in high school, but, then at university I ditched it and played a lot of video games, or just watched a lot of movies. I know how my students feel, especially because university can be very stressful and sometimes you just don’t wanna do anything but chill. But, you gotta fight fire with fire, stay active, it’ll make you feel better.

My custom is to do more of what gets me excited. I like to do all my chores on separate days so I don’t forget anything, and then I don’t have to think about them until I have to do it again. My biggest challenge is food. I love food and I like cooking, but unless I’m really in the mood for a ceremoniously prepared meal, I like to cook beforehand, for the whole week.

I usually do this on Saturdays, because Sundays I like to cycle and see some friends. It took a while before I could catch the rhythm, but it really helped me, and it freed up a lot of time. I set a few hours every Saturday for cooking and pre-preparing everything, so that I have whatever I need on hand and neatly organized in my fridge and freezer.

I bought some new appliances via for this, like a hand mixer, a mandoline slicer, and a food vacuum sealer for storage, and it has honestly made my life so much easier! I can chop up and slice the veggies, store them or make a soup and freeze it, or make some veggie burger patties and freeze them (they can be cooked while frozen, actually), and fill up my fridge with delicious food. And the process is very meditative as well, try it and you’ll see!